Norway comes top in Arthur D. Little’s Global Electric Mobility Readiness Index

2022-09-30 14:10 출처: Arthur D. Little
LONDON--(뉴스와이어) 2022년 09월 30일 -- Arthur D. Little (ADL) has published the latest edition of its Global Electric Mobility Readiness Index - GEMRIX 2022 - which details how favourable different markets are around the world to electric vehicle (EV) adoption. One of its key findings is that the country most ready for widespread EV uptake is Norway.

GEMRIX 2022 has been produced to assist EV decision makers and track global EV uptake. Based on a detailed analysis of key market drivers and using standardized evaluation metrics, GEMRIX 2022 details the readiness of 15 countries for electric mobility.

A GEMRIX score of 100 and higher means that it’s equally beneficial to buy and operate an EV as an internal combustion engine (ICE)-based vehicle - with a score of 115, Norway is the only country where this is currently the case.

The rest of the benchmarked countries can be broadly categorised into three clusters according to their level of readiness for EV adoption:

· China, Germany, UK and Singapore are Ambitious Followers, with around 80 points. In these countries, switching to EV is no longer just an option for enthusiastic pioneers, but a valid choice for the mass market.

· The US, Japan, UAE and Thailand are classified as Emerging EV Markets, with scores between 40 and 60. All are investing heavily in electric mobility, but still show both significant financial and operational drawbacks in relation to EVs.

· Mexico, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Africa are Starter countries. Electric mobility is beginning to enter the conversation, but given these countries’ socio-economic position, EVs are not a priority.

Philipp Seidel at Arthur D. Little, comments: “GEMRIX 2022 shows that market readiness and EV adoption are driven by different factors in different regions. In some markets, environmental friendliness is key, while in others, cost and ease of use are the main reasons for adoption. But perhaps our key takeaway is that legislative and regulatory bodies play a central role in shaping the market for EVs. Ultimately, every country can adopt EVs in the coming years if their respective governments promote investment accordingly.”

GEMRIX 2022 can be viewed and downloaded here.

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