Covac Global Redefines Duty of Care With No Hospitalization Requirement for Repatriation and Newly-added Coverage for Monkeypox

‘No hospitalizations. No nearest. No excuses.’

2022-07-19 19:00 출처: Covac Global

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla--(뉴스와이어) 2022년 07월 19일 -- Covac Global, the Premier Medical Evacuation Membership, pioneered the simple approach to medical evacuation with “Get Sick, Get Home” requiring no hospitalization, announces it will include repatriation for monkeypox to complement their pioneering medical evacuation memberships - regardless of the location of a traveler’s injury or illness. Already a leader in pandemic response with its approach to Covid-19 repatriation, expanding to monkeypox was the next logical move for the groundbreaking organization.

“The emergence of monkeypox and Covac’s rapid response is a perfect example of how the company has been at the forefront of tracking and responding to global pandemics,” says Dr. Marc Burdick, Covac’s co-medical director. “The global monkeypox toll has surpassed 11,000 cases, and many patients cannot identify the source of their infections, which may indicate there is significant and sustained community transmission.”

“The expansion of Covac’s Medical Membership to include monkeypox continues to show how the company adapts with a new changing world to provide a superior duty of care. With a global shortage of vaccines and testing supplies,” Burdick continues, “and testing itself being a long and difficult process, the risk of catching an emerging new disease like monkeypox while abroad is a worrying and potentially fatal reality for many travelers.”

In addition to Covac’s no hospitalization medical evacuation and travel assistance memberships for individuals and families, the company has been lauded for its popular security membership upgrade for enterprises, NGOs, and government clients. This includes search and rescue by special operations teams in perilous environments or events such as civil unrest, war, terrorism, natural disasters, or criminal activity. CEO Ross Thompson commented “We are pleased to be the exclusive provider of rescue and evacuation services to the world-famous Explorers Club. Being the only membership that includes search and rescue, it was a natural fit.”

“COVID allowed us to redefine the traditional market for medical repatriation,” says Thompson. “The pandemic changed everything in the travel industry and created an entirely new class of travel benefits and demands from travelers, including the ability to recover from COVID at home under the care of their own doctor without the previously-required hospitalization.”

Covac Global’s website effortlessly guides new and existing members to select the best 15-, 30-day, or annual membership plan for their traveling needs.

About Covac Global

Covac Global is the premier medical evacuation membership program. It was the industry’s first fully indemnified evacuation and repatriation membership for COVID-19. Covac Global is the only evacuation membership that does not require the member to be hospitalized in the country of illness, infection or injury to be transported home. Covac Global is the market leader in the evacuation industry and continues to set the standard for excellence. The service provides travelers the freedom to resume normal transit activities which were previously precluded due to the exclusions or limitations of existing insurance coverage.

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